Monday, November 9, 2015

The biggest scam and how they did it. Part 1

Entitled “Understanding the USA’s Greatest Fraud - The Personal Income Tax”.
Or, “how the victory tax of WWII became the US’s biggest fraud”.

It’s not one problem, but a series of smaller problems, that combined make up one of the biggest falsehoods imposed on the American people costing them trillions of dollars. No paymetriot mythology will be presented here, but actual evidence that you can and should verify yourself to help you understand this. 

The US Congress could not hold 2 people accountable in 2015 (Louis Learner and IR Commissioner John Koskinen) for their part in abusing conservative political groups. What chance does 1 citizen have to correct IRS wrong doings, or the IRS records?

I spent 25 years in the tax honesty movement and here are the results. Around 1980 or so when Personal Computers first came out and the networks began forming people started sharing ideas about things. One of these was the income tax and how it was wrong.

Irwin Schiff was a big tax protester at the time and his book, “The Federal Mafia” got people thinking about the income tax and the IRS’s heavy handedness, because many felt something was wrong – and they were right. Schiff pushed an idea called a ZERO return, were a person would write in zero on the 1040 form where income was to be reported. The IRS didn’t like this, so it ended up in court. The courts ruled in favor of Schiff, but still he was persecuted and eventually imprisoned by the federal government on the insistence of the IRS claiming he was promoting tax evasion schemes. If the IRS could not get you to stop one way, they got you to stop another. Their use of "promoting tax evasion schemes" is now a standard tool they use against ANYONE who shares information to help another citizen keep his or her liability to a minimum, or to rightfully discover if they even have a liability. This "federal mafia" is damm good at protecting its own by others who would demand they uphold the law as its written, not as they interpret it.

Then there was Barry Konicov, and many others selling “detaxing” kits to people, claiming if they filed the proper paperwork, they could get the IRS to leave them alone. Tons of paperwork and few if any results. Konicov who once ran for state legislature, was also convicted and sent to prison. Others pushed the ideas that having a social security number made you liable for the tax, or that it was a contract that could be dissolved. Others claimed that a government document with your name spelled in all capitals was a “strawman” and had no legal effect on you. All of this was patriot mythology. It claimed a lot of victims. People looking for answers fell easy prey to the hawkers of this kind of junk legal research. Many people embracing this stuff found themselves in trouble with the law. 

Many pay-me-triots as they came to be known, sold various “kits” of various paperwork to get the IRS to leave people alone. And many like Schiff and Knicov ended up in Prison for selling tax evasion schemes. The IRS tried to get another patriot by the name of Charles Conces, who formed a group called “the lawmen” who were more of a coffee clutch group, than anything. Folks met for lunch and coffee on weekends, and shared ideas and such. Conces sold copies of his research to people for a fee, to cover the expenses of photocopying over 100 pages,  and the IRS went after him for selling a tax evasion scheme calling the members of “lawmen” customers at an IRS hearing, even over the objection of Conces and 2 of his witnesses. Conces later died before the IRS could take him to court over it.

Arron Russo, a Hollywood movie maker, made a patriot movie called “Freedom to Fascism” that many people saw before Cancer took Arron from us. Bob Schultz started a group called We the People congress on a website called “” and successfully took 2 cases to the supreme court of the United States. The court by this time was already starting to disintegrate and they refused to hear 1 of Bob’s cases that went to the very foundation blocks of our Nations charter, the Constitution for the united States of America. However, 1 case did go to the full court and Schultz won the case. In this case, Schultz v US, the court ruled that people have the right to refuse to show their books and records to an IRS official, at a summons meeting, without first being presented with a court order to do so. The court ruled the person did not have the right to outright refuse to show the records. That the taxpayer had to appear before the IRS, with the books and records as required by law, and at that point could exercise their 5th amendment rights, absent a court order.  This gives the citizen a chance to be heard by the courts before such books and records are turned over to the IRS which would then use them to persecute the taxpayer.

Shortly after this another Tax Honesty Movement individual named Peter Hendrickson used the court systems decisions to come up with the idea that citizens and taxpayers have the right to correct the IRS’s records that are incorrect or that contain wrong information. He surmised that the IRS allowed this using an IRS form. Like it or not the idea has standing in law. There is a case that says it is the job of the people to correct the government, not the other way around. The question then becomes, how to do it. Peter wrote a book called “Cracking the Code”, meaning the Internal Revenue code, also known as Title 26, the 26th title of the 50 titles that make up the federal statues at law. The theory behind this is that the IRS has a form available for taxpayers to use to correct the IRS’s records. And although many people claim victory, a number of them have found the IRS going after them years later with added penalties and interest. Yet Hendrickson’s idea again, has standing in law. So why does it work some times and yet not others? Because of the way the IRS is structured and how it operates. More on this later.

Hendrickson's wife is currently being held as a political prisoner by a federal judge because she refused to lie on a 1040 form (commit perjury per IRC 7206). Doreen is currently serving time in a federal prison and the dishonored judge is walking free. The man needs to be changed with treason. 

Like all things that go against the IRS’s own ideas, anyone standing against them, is soon declared a tax protester, or what they are doing a tax evasion scheme. Their methods are added to the list of “The official list by the IRS of tax scams to avoid.” Schiff’s methods, Konicov’s methods, and now Hendrickson’s methods are all listed there.

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