Monday, November 9, 2015

The biggest scam and how they did it. Part 5

The courts play a very key roll in this scam. They refuse to hear cases, and they ignore evidence given by the people, and show favoritism to the governments agent, the Treasury department.

The courts got so fed up with hearing tax cases, that they created a "tax court", and demand people prove that the tax court lacks jurisdiction before they will hear a case. The tax court is where you go to argue how much is owed, or how much is not owed. The tax court cannot hear liability cases. A citizen is forced to prove a negative in order to get the lower courts to hear a case. A difficult at best, situation, but one that can be accomplished by people with the proper knowledge.

Fact: there is no liability for the income tax for most Americans who work within the boundaries of the USA, who get paid hourly or by salary, unless they work for the Government or have investments which produce a return of the investment.

Fact: There is no liability statute for American Citizens. The ONLY liability statute is found in Subtitle A, Chapter 3, tax on non resident aliens and foreign corporations.  No other income tax liability statute exists.

The IRC contains 5 different definitions of TYPES of income. Ordinary income, unordinary income, Gross income, adjusted gross income and taxable income.

Interesting thing about 2 of these definitions.  Taxable income means all income subject to taxation unless exempt by law, (and the court ruled also by the US Constitution).  This means that there is some income that is not taxable. Income meaning a gain..

The IRS considers Social Security disability payments to be income that is exempt. However the courts ruled differently.  They said that SS Disability is equal compensation, just like any other insurance settlement thus it is not taxable as income.

Gross income means all income, and lists a number of sources of income. The IRS claims wages are income yet wages does not appear in that list. Why? Because a wage tax, is a different tax than that of the income tax.

Income itself is not defined in the IRC as congress cannot define a word used in the US Constitution. Since the word income is used in the 16th amendment, it has specific meaning and congress cannot change that meaning.

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